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Why you should put the relationship with your client at the center of your Digital Transformation

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

I firmly believe that 2021 is the year of the Digital Transformation of the asset management industry. This is the only way for the sector to move forward and to build resilience.

Time is priceless, and there is no time to lose. Businesses can’t afford to get stuck in their inefficiencies, even if there is a plausible explanation. Yes, no one expected that a year after Covid-19, we would still be immersed in the global pandemic. But this can’t be an excuse anymore. Let’s wisely use the lessons we’ve learned, and let’s team up to prepare the sector for the future.

In the last months, I have read countless articles and reports about the impact of Covid-19 on the asset management industry, but today I want to focus on an idea from the ‘2021 investment management outlook. Transforming to thrive’ report from Deloitte, which highlights the importance of Digital Transformation to leverage clients' relationships.

Digital Transformation is accelerating, and 2021 has the potential to be the year that laggards face strategic risk, not from what they offer investors but from how the offerings are supplemented by digital capabilities. Investors may judge investment management firms on the sophistication and elegance of their customer interactions. Many will likely assume that technological prowess in customer interactions translates to prowess in the investment management process”, states the report.

Based on that, ask yourself, how are you managing the relationship with your clients in today’s pandemic environment?

Putting the relationship with your client at the center of your Digital Transformation

In the report, based on a global survey from Deloitte US Center for Financial Services to 200 senior investment management executives, the respondents were asked: “How will you change your client communication and engagement strategy based on the Covid-19 experience?” 54% of respondents said that they will do this by building a digital relationship management system leveraging virtual meetings with clients.

What this shows is that 54% of the managers will provide their clients with technology. However, people working from home miss that personal touch, the social interaction, they feel lonely or isolated, as stated in a global Ipsos survey for the World Economic Forum. People nowadays use a wide range of digital elements in their day-to-day, provoking digital overload - emails, videoconferences, and virtual chats, to mention a few.

But what if you could provide your clients with a bespoke all-in-one solution to manage all these interactions, with an assistant guiding them through their tasks, showing all the action points, so they don’t get lost in that digital overload? And what if this all-in-one solution included a place where they can access all their documents and digital signatures? And what if it included its own place to plan, run and follow up on your digital meetings, incorporating your personal touch to make your clients feel at home and bridge the impersonal feeling inherent in virtual meetings? Wouldn't that make your client feel much more ‘at home’ with you?

On top of that, you could give them access to bespoke dashboards, specially created for their user needs, and add your own look & feel and your logo to make your clients feel at home, creating the atmosphere to show them that they have your total support, humanizing technology. Wouldn’t that make you/your company stand out from the crowd?

You can even go a step further and involve your clients in your digitalization journey, asking for their feedback to help you customize the platform to their needs. How’s that for customer intimacy?

#2021TellUsYourWish, what is your wish for 2021?

At, we have the technology, the business knowledge, and the targeted onboarding methodology to support you (and your client) on your digitalization journey. We do that with quick iterations, whose outcome we can fine-tune and tweak based on your and your clients' needs. You don’t need to wait months to have results; you can start accelerating your Digital Transformation with your clients at the center of it right now, showing them quick results within days.

Send us your wish now, and we commit to send you a video showing how easy it is to digitalize your processes without any commitment from your side. Want to give it a try?

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