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Digital Meetings


The recent events have shown that running meetings remotely is not only possible but often more efficient. In a regulated context however, meetings require more than just a video conferencing solution, as sensitive documents are shared and decisions and actions must be recorded. enables secure digital committee meetings, board meetings and even AGMs. The intuitive meeting tool lets you build agendas in minutes and collaborate online with all participants.

Benefits of using

Reduce time spent on running meetings by up to 70%

Never lose track of actions, decisions and resolutions

Access meetings securely wherever you are 

Meeting portal.png

Committee Management


In a regulated environment committees are typically the central mechanism of operational control. The way that these committees are structured, run and how information flows from them to senior management is a critical component of the internal control framework. provides a solid framework to structure committee mandates and connect committees to committee members, relevant procedures, meetings and other information. 

Benefits of using

Automate periodic committee meetings and save time

Avoid misalignment between procedures and operations

Quickly understand decision mechanisms in the organisation

CC - committee management

CoSec Automation


To comply with its statutory and regulatory duties, the company secretary function needs to respect strict deadlines and manage the requests of many internal and external parties. gives the CoSec a clear view of upcoming deadlines and makes the organisation and follow up of meetings effortless. 

Benefits of using

Avoid duplication by easily exchanging information

Build a robust centralised data repositary

Save time with automated processes and checklists

Committee management.png
CC - CoSec Automation
CC - Procedure management

Procedures Management


Having solid procedures is both a regulatory requirement and an operational necessity. But if procedures are not periodically reviewed and connected to operational processes the organisation may end up with unexpected issues and even face sanctions. lets you build a centralised repository of procedures, available to anyone in the organisation, and efficiently connected to underlying regulation and company policies. 

Benefits of using

Ensure your teams know and follow procedures

Automate periodic and event-driven procedure reviews

Simplify staff affirmations on procedure awareness


Other challenge?


Good corporate governance requires a balancing of many processes, procedures, mechanisms and parties. Especially in a regulated environment, the performance of these functions safeguard the long-term viability of the organisation.


To achieve this critical mission in a complex organisation, automation of processes and efficiently connecting and visualising information has become essential. allows you to incrementally optimise and automate every process to continuously improve organisational efficiency and effectiveness. 

What process you start with is completely up to you.

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