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Client onboarding


Client onboarding is perhaps the most important process in the client lifecycle. Getting this right creates a strong client relationship from the start and often leads to positive referrals. works with you to take the pain out of your client onboarding process. Regardless if your client is a private person, a company or a regulated entity, the automated workflows simplify the process of gathering information and documentation and performing controls.

Benefits of using

Dramatically improve client satisfaction after onboarding

Reduce time and cost by over 50%

Avoid regulatory issues because of missed controls

Client onboarding.png

Investor onboarding


Onboarding investors quickly and efficiently has a positive impact, not only on the relationship with that investor, but also the asset manager that wants to maintain good relationships with its investor base.'s process automation brings full transparency and predictability to your initial onboarding as well as your ongoing investor relationship. With access to a white-labelled portal, both investor and asset manager can find all information needed on onboarding status, capital calls and all other relevant information. 

Benefits of using

Centralise all data and documents on your investor portal

Reduce time on investor onboarding from weeks to days

Ensure AML screening through automation

Investor portal.png
CLS - Investor onboarding
CLS - Fund launch

Fund launch


Launching a regulated fund structure is a complex process for everyone involved. All stakeholders involved must perform their own launch procedures which makes the process even more complex. automates the process of fund launch to ensure that information is collected, controlled and distributed to everyone involved: the management company, depositary, transfer agent, asset manager, administrator and even the regulator.

Benefits of using

Avoid duplication by easily exchanging information

Build a robust centralised data repository

Save time with automated processes and checklists

Process flow.png
CLS -Due diligence

Due diligence


Due diligence client onboarding is a painful process with every party in the fund lifecycle performing controls on everyone else. Questionnaires are typically drafted and sent out manually, and the returning information often needs to be keyed over into internal systems. automates your DDQ process and simplifies information collection and the process of risk scoring with adaptable surveys on a white-labeled portal. 

Benefits of using

Simplify information gathering for all parties involved

Ensure solid risk rating of DDQ responses

Automate periodic follow-up due diligence 

Due diligence.png

Other challenge?


The client lifecycle journey is composed of a complex set of interactions that extend from client acquisition, through onboarding to the operational servicing of clients. 

Each stage of the client lifecycle requires many operational processes, and the efficiency of those processes directly impacts the experience your customer has with your services. allows you to incrementally optimise and automate every process to continuously improve client experience and operational efficiency. 

What process you start with is completely up to you.

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