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Asset Oversight


Safekeeping assets is perhaps one of the most important tasks of the asset management industry, even more important than producing good returns. But safekeeping can get complex when multi-tier holding structures are used or when alternative assets are held outside of a traditional custody network. lets Depositaries and Management Companies maintain a clear ownership register of all assets, and automates the ownership verification duties. The required documentation is automatically requested and stored in an easy to access repository. 

Benefits of using

Easily perform ownership verification duties

Save more the 50% of time on transaction documentation

Produce audit confirmation reports in 10% of the usual time

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Client & Investor Communication


Regulatory requirements put a lot of pressure on financial institutions, which unfortunately often translates to a bad experience for clients and investors. The best way to improve this is by providing transparent reporting and simplify the way data and documents are exchanged. gives your clients access to a white-labelled portal that allows you to collect due diligence and information, collaborate with your counterpart on tasks and share information in real time. 

Benefits of using

Dramatically improve client experience 

Save valuable time in chasing for missing documents

Simplify capital calls and other transaction moments

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Ops - Client communication

Transaction Monitoring


As regulated entity you are responsible for monitoring your clients' transactions against anti money laundering and other risks. This requires screening of vast amounts of transactions against transaction profiles, often performed manually or in excel. This is a recipe for mistakes. allows you to set up transaction profiles of expected transactions. Automated data loaders and processed connect the transactions to the right profile and check for compliance, allowing you to focus your valuable time on the exceptions. 

Benefits of using

Save between 50 and 90% time on transaction monitoring

Automate exception management to ensure follow up

Instantly report on monitoring duties to regulators 

Transaction monitoring 2.png
Ops - Transacton monitoring
Ops - document managemen

Document Management


In the Asset Management business, every action, transaction, decision and control needs to be supported by a documentary evidence. This results in massive numbers of documents exchanged over unsecure media and stored in unmanageable file systems. 

Governance enables secure 2-way exchange of documents with all relevant parties, and connects documents to the related data. It also lets you manage versions and monitor document expiry dates. 

Benefits of using

Achieve 100% secure document exchange with 3rd parties

Save 50-70% time on finding back documents

Automate document production and collection

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Other challenge?


Every part of regulated operations has its own complexities. Because each institution has a unique way of working, standardised and off-the-shelf solutions typically don't work. 

What is needed is a platform that adapts to each operational challenge and gives you the tools you need to spend valuable time on added value tasks while automating away the rest. allows you to incrementally optimise and automate every process to achieve digital operations. 

What process you start with is completely up to you.

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