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Control Automation


Regulated entities struggle under a continuously growing mountain of rules that need to be transposed to operational controls. Without automation, it is just a matter of time until controls are forgotten, executed incorrectly or based on the wrong information. automates the periodic execution of controls and puts the relevant information at your fingertips when manual intervention is still required. 

Benefits of using

Reduce manual work on controls by up to 80%

Dramatically improve the robustness of controls

Gain a complete and real-time view of controls and issues

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Deadline Monitoring


In providing services to the asset management industry, your business has many deadlines to respect: statutory deadlines, regulatory deadlines, transaction closing deadlines, AGMs and so on. Without a robust system to work towards deadlines this impossible to manage.'s gives you a complete view of upcoming deadlines and automated processes ensure that the work to meet the deadlines is started on time and with the right information at hand. 

Benefits of using

Easily track upcoming work and avoid missing deadlines

Automate processes to start work early

Easily collaborate to ensure timely delivery of work

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RC - Deadline monitoring
RC -Issue mitigation

Issue Mitigation


Even with the best processes in place, it is not possible to avoid issues from occurring. The most important thing is to discover issues early, report them appropriately and work towards mitigation. provides a central view of issues encountered in any process. Issues can be identified through periodic control processes or can be collected from KPI reports provided by 3rd party providers. After identification, automated workflow processes help you mitigate issues quickly and produce the required disclosures and reporting. 

Benefits of using

Easily identify any issue in the organisation

Ensure mitigation processes are followed precisely

Produce real-time issue dashboards and reports easily

Issue management.png
RC - Compliance monitoring

Compliance Monitoring


The compliance monitoring plan is a complex set of rules and controls to be performed periodically. But how does the second line of defence consistently check information that is produced and managed in the first line? gives the compliance function a transparent view of all topics it needs to monitor and automates periodic controls and random checks. By becoming aware of issues early, compliance managers can more effectively take action on avoiding bigger risks. 

Benefits of using

Build real-time compliance dashboards and reports

Automate issue tracking and mitigation

A full audit trail of actions that led to compliance findings

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Other challenge?


Risk Management and Compliance form the second line of defence that helps the first line put in place effective operational controls, and that monitors that these controls are correctly executed. 

In today's regulatory world, he compliance and risk functions suffer from massive data overload that can only be countered with efficient data aggregation tools and process automation. allows you to incrementally optimise and automate every process to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Risk and Compliance functions. 

What process you start with is completely up to you.

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