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New blog post! What's next for FinTech and Big Finance?

Institutional Adoption of FinTech Solutions Five years ago, when you talked about FinTech, most traditional financial institutions - banks, asset managers, etc. - assumed that you were talking about new trends in the consumer space. Robo-advice, digital wallets, and payment apps were making waves then, and continue to do so now as the world moves increasingly online. However, it was less common to hear companies acknowledge the potential for FinTech to disrupt (or transform, to put it more positively) how they themselves did business as institutions. Nowadays, with previously unthinkable phenomena such as crypto-exchanges not only emerging but becoming mainstream topics of discussion, the situation has changed completely.

The trend is particularly visible in emerging European fintech hubs such as Luxembourg, which is home not only to hundreds of long-established financial institutions, but also to 250 fintech startups, with more springing up as 2021 unfolds. The conversation at the institutional level has changed. But what comes next?

Moving from conversation to action is the important part. And the companies most likely to succeed in this brave new world, in our view, are the ones that move too early.