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Media Release: TMF Group and foster strategic collaboration to digitise governance

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

New strategic collaboration boosts digital governance through process automation

TMF Group, a leading professional services firm, and, the process management platform for regulated companies, today announce their strategic collaboration to further accelerate digital governance through process automation for the TMF Group client and investor community in 85 jurisdictions across the globe.

Forming a global blueprint for digital governance through a hyperautomation approach, the strategic collaboration unites global excellence in professional services with cutting edge digital technology and knowhow to automate processes across the 85 markets, one process at a time.

Benefits of digital governance for TMF Group’s client and investor experience include next level screening and compliance security, supporting evidence and risk-based operational monitoring to meet regulatory requirements in every location.

The strategic cooperation is off to a successful start with the first integration underway, one of five end-to-end solutions due to be delivered during 2022, bringing visible benefits to TMF Group’s service teams and clients. The hyperautomation approach, an approach described by technical research firm Gartner, Inc, means key process automations are identified, vetted and implemented in rapid succession, by efficiently connecting existing and new technologies and tools.

Michael van den Brandt, Global Head of Operational Risk and Compliance, TMF Group, says, “Our partnership with demonstrates the ambition of TMF Group when it comes to governance. Together we are building a solution that optimises risk and compliance actions around the globe and helps us to deliver bespoke client services in an effective and efficient way”.

Bert Boerman CEO,, says, “I am absolutely delighted to be working with TMF to further enhance their leadership in digitalised corporate governance. This is a terrific opportunity to collaborate with the experts of TMF Group to help them stay ahead in an increasingly complex, regulated environment. The project is already off to a running start and I am excited about our next steps together.”

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