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House of Governance in Pictures

The time has come for reflection. We are at the end of tumultuous year as the Covid-19 pandemic gripped industries, reshaping the way businesses operate worldwide. As we rewind over, and as challenging as it has been, we also see that Covid-19 has become the accelerator of digital transformation, which is now in the mainstream.

Moving into our new home, the “House of Governance”, was a risk we were willing to take as we steadily grew, but we also wanted to create a new space where our teams and our clients could collaborate to discover the benefits of Digital Governance.

Here’s a look at our colleagues favourite spaces around our #HouseofGovernance:

“It was February 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic was building, the possibility of a lock-down was already in the air, and we had a decision to make: Do we continue with our new rental agreement or wait? Despite these uncertainties, we decided to go ahead.

So why didn’t we wait?…

We had been hosted by The Office for a few years, which had grown into a real home. But in the last year our business and the team had been growing steadily and we were starting to see the limits of the space. It was time for us to leave the nest. We also wanted to create a new space where our teams and our clients could collaborate to discover the benefits of Digital Governance. To do that, we decided that we needed to build our “House of Governance”.” - Bert Boerman, CEO

“I love that we have this place where we can have an unconventional chat or where we can have lunch in the sun, of course respecting social distancing.” - Marie Autuori, Head of Client Success

“The park across the road is my zen place near the office. There is plenty of space for a socially distanced lunch in the sun.” - Ralf Ferner, CCO

“I am executive assistant to our CEO Bert. From this space I can work closely with him next door and it is an open place where employees can come if they need any help or support.” - Hannah Mason, Executive Assistant

“The terrace out the back is lovely for a morning coffee or bbq lunch in the nice weather, remaining at a distance of course.” - Alexandre Tournon, Analyst

“I really like our spacious meeting room that has the Governance blue colour. I am looking forward to actively use it after the Covid-19 crisis.” - Gapur Tsorojev, Head of Finance

“Coming out from our office at 8, Avenue de la Foire, heading west, passing by shops and old houses, in 5 minutes of walk, we arrive at Place Winston Churchill. A quiet, picturesque little park in the middle of the busy area, surrounded by trees and bushes, hiding the open space of the park from the street cars and noise. It provides 2 large wooden tables and benches- your perfect spot for a picnic or lunch break!” - Xinyuan Dong, Business Analyst

“When I enter the building in the morning I feel a sense of pride and motivation to work for It really starts with the first breath when I open the front door and get ready to put in a great day’s work. In that sense, the entrance is my favourite spot in the office.” - Daniel Grethen, Client Success Manager

“My favourite place in our building is our kitchen. It's a good place to let your thoughts wander while having a coffee and looking into our green backyard. Ideally together with a colleague having a chit chat, of course non work related. 😉” - Andreas Fuchs, Solutions Manager

“Sitting is the new smoking, the studies say. My standup desk has become my favourite place. I appreciate that I can combine standing and working at our new office. After all, the desk is where I need to spend most of my time so I better like it, right? :)” - Peter Berezny, Business Analyst

“Starting an internship during a pandemic has not been without its difficulties, but we are extremely lucky to be part of the team. Moving to Luxembourg, working with our mentors every day, learning about the solutions and seeing our work’s fruition has been the highlight of our year post lockdown.” - Conor Mackey and Roisin Ni Shuilleabhain, Interns

“What I like the most about the #HouseofGovernance is that it is actually a house, with its kitchen, big windows, and even a little garden, creating a fantastic atmosphere for creativity and making things happen.” - Carmen Noguera Pelayo, Marketing Manager

“I like our meeting room because it has a very domestic atmosphere for (hopefully) on-site meetings, while still equipped with all the professional technology needed for conducting virtual meetings.” - Jesse Thiel, Business Development Director

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