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60 Seconds with Xinyuan

Each month we challenge one of our colleagues to explain in less than 60 seconds what they do as part of the team.

Stepping up to the challenge this month is Xinyuan Dong. Xinyuan explains her role as a Business Analyst as part of our Client Success Team.

Welcome to #60SecondsWith Xinyuan:

“Hi! My name is Xinyuan and I am a Business Analyst at I have been challenged to explain to you in 60 seconds or less what I do as part of the Client Success Team. Will I beat the countdown clock? Let’s find out! My first keyword is ‘making sense of data'. Organisations still use Excel sheets to store, update and share data. But Excel is not a database, it lacks golden source, it is not visual, not inter-connected. So our first job is to transform all that into a relational, interactive and traceable database. Which is the starting point of a real digitalisation. My second keyword is 'process automation’. Most organisations map their processes into flowcharts. And our job is to make that flowchart work. It sends out alerts, it updates the database, it generates documents and emails based on templates. Our clients want to double the business, without doubling the resources. And that is exactly why we are here, to achieve operational efficiency and transparency. In other words, we are your first stop in the digitalisation journey.”

Stay tuned, as there is more to come.

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