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Digital Governance

RTG Business Continuity Manager

RTG Business Continuity Manager is a pre-populated cloud-based solution that allows you to organise and oversee your remote operations.

RTG stands for ready-to-go and means you will be up and running within 48 hours

It can be implemented today on a secure cloud, so you can start supporting your teams tomorrow.

We Do

Regulatory compliance, KYC, Client onboarding, Committees or board management. Or what about the countless other manual processes your teams perform? It shouldn't be this hard. 

Connect data and people by aggregating, connecting and enriching data scattered across the organization, and allowing your people to interact with the information and with each other. 

Automate processes to ensure that mandatory controls are performed and recorded automatically while avoiding errors and dependency on people remembering to do a task. 

Monitor operational performance and control status in real-time so that you can allocate your valuable time to the important matters. 

Mitigate any issue identified to reduce risk and demonstrate ongoing compliance with all relevant requirements and deadlines.


Solutions For You

To help you get started fast, we have already done the hard work in translating regulatory requirements into a suite of Ready-To-Go data models and contents, designed to cover specific challenges of Fund managers, Depositaries and others institutions.


Get started today for immediate operational relief and risk mitigation. 

Fund Manager

Compliance Officer

Fund Administrator

Fund Director

Depositary Manager

Awards & Recognition

Governance.com was the first winner of the Luxembourg FinTech awards in 2016.​

 In 2018 Governance.com was included in the prestigious FinTech50 by a selection panel of 75 international technology leaders.

CB Insight lists us as one of their picks for the legacy system innovation challenges.


And in Mach 2020 Governance.com was awarded as the Financial Software Provider of the year. 


What Clients


Our team has been using Governance.com daily for a couple of months now. During this period we have been improving the system with the help of the dedicated team. The users see the added value of the system, which includes but is not limited to, significant time savings on daily tasks and improved oversight. 


Governance.com is to be recommended for any business seeking increased efficiency in daily undertakings as well as augmented control of their business.


Roberta Robustelli-Diederich, 
Director, EMEA Alternatives, SANNE Group Luxembourg


a Demo


We have been using Governance.com for almost a year now. Continuous improvements around our daily tasks and oversight are becoming increasingly apparent. The flexibility of the system helps our company adapt to constantly changing regulations within the fund industry.


The service of the Client Success Team has really helped our experience in using/implementing the system and we would recommend Governance.com to any company trying to make corporate governance a competitive advantage.


Aengus Galloway, CFA 
Senior Consultant, KB Associates Ireland