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Solutions offers a modular suite of solutions built to address specific challenges instantly, while still giving you an unprecedented level of customisation to adapt the solutions to your specific requirements. 

Whatever your immediate pain-point may be, helps you get started fast with the growing list of solutions listed below.


RTG Business Continuity Manager (BCM)  

For anyone involved in keeping your business running remotely

Working from home might be the “new normal” for an unknown period of time. Companies around the world were not prepared for such a scenario and are struggling to run their business remotely. The good news is that it’s not too late to take full control.

With RTG BCM, you can ensure that business operations continue seamlessly while risks remain under control. 






For anyone involved in organising and holding governance related meetings

Be it Shareholder-, Board- or any other relevant Committee meeting, there is increasing scrutiny on decision processes and their documentation. Meetings makes your governance bodies more efficient, more transparent and more secure.

With Meetings you never lose track of your governance processes and decisions



solutions fund management

RTG Fund Manager

Ideal for fund manager, asset manager, compliance officer, risk manager, due diligence oversight officer and fund director

Investment Fund Managers must demonstrate oversight over their operations and provide an audit trail of execution for their internal controls as well as records of their decision making processes.

Our modular Ready-to- go (RTG) Fund Manager solutions connects data from your core systems and transforms it into valuable information.


solutions CRM


Ideal for relationship manager & sales manager

Good relationships with your client are your best bet to doing more business with them. But how do you track everything that is going on across multiple locations and business lines. CRM is a fully-fledged customer relationship and sales management solution that centralises everything about your client in one place. Allowing you to focus on improving your relationship and possibly increasing your share of wallet.

solutions depositary

Depositary Oversight

Ideal for depositary manager

As Depositary you must have a complete view of complex investment structures to avoid restitution liability and other risks. And how do you monitor cashflows, control valuations, ensure timely transaction settlement and perform other Depositary controls.


The Depositary solution has been built to efficiently perform your Depositary duties in line with regulatory requirements. Ready-to-go and configured for immediate efficiency gains.


Performance Management

Ideal for company director, operations manager, performance manager, CEO & COO

Every business needs to monitor all company operations so that they can develop strategies designed to improve procedures and protocols. This data has to be available at all times on every device. helps organisations obtain visibility into their day to day operations and emerging risks. And makes it available at a touch of a button.

solutions due dil

Distribution Oversight

Ideal for fund manager, delegate oversight officer & compliance officer

Distribution and other delegate oversight requires a complete view of your counterparties and an efficient way to collect information on their processes and performance. makes it simple to collect due diligence from your third parties, resulting in efficient, risk based oversight.

solutions compliance

Compliance Dashboard

Ideal for compliance officer & risk manager

Effective compliance requires good process and access to a multitude of data sources. But once you have the data, you also need a structured way to sense of it and to drive action. connects data from across the organisation and presents the right KPIs and KRIs on understandable dashboards. The result is a dramatic reduction in time and money spent, and an equal increase in effectiveness of compliance controls.

solutions procedures_edited.jpg

Procedures Management

Ideal for compliance officer & risk manager

Procedures are the basis of running a regulated business. However, if you can't provide evidence that they are reviewed or even followed properly, they quickly become a liability. has a prebuilt procedure Management tool to record and review your procedures and connect them to automated workflows and related regulation, committees and more.

Committee Management
solutions dealflow.jpg

Pipeline, Dealflow and Sales Management

Ideal for sales manager, investment manager & portfolio manager

Monitoring pipeline development and tracking sales opportunities is the lifeline of your business. But monitoring Private Equity, Real Estate and other deal flows can be complex and time-consuming. CRM provides a powerful and flexible way to track and convert opportunities, completely customised to the way you run your investment and sales organisation.


solutions dashboarding


Ideal for sales manager, investment manager & portfolio manager

Tracking KPIs in any organisation is hard. Even when you have all the data in one place, being able to ask questions and learn from that data usually requires complex data analytics skills. makes it possible to do complex data analytics and interactive reporting without any coding skills. Anyone can create the reports required to monitor the organisation, and drive the actions that will have the most impact.


Easily filter and group your data to visualise the result and start understanding all the connections. Ultimate reporting flexibility without sacrificing security or access rights.

solutions automation

Process Automation

Ideal for sales manager, investment manager, & portfolio manager

Processes are excellent for driving actions across an organisation in a structured manner, but processes fail to deliver when they become cumbersome to its users. If this happens, processes and procedures become a burden on the stakeholders and the organisation as a whole. makes creating and working with processes extremely efficient and easy to use. All stakeholders have the information at their fingertips, which helps them execute their tasks while the process owner can rest assured the process is followed up on in a timely manner. When no human interaction is required, the process engine can handle that automatically, freeing your scarce resources from repetitive tasks.

solutions invoicing


Ideal for CFO, finance manager, sales manager & relationship manager

Unpaid invoices, or even worse, un-invoiced services represent a serious risk to the continuity of any business. Yet, invoicing and tracking of payments remains a weak point of many organisations. gives you an instant view of the status of billing of your services. Automate invoicing processes and get an instant snapshot of the status of billing on your customisable dashboard. 


Project Management

Ideal for sales manager, investment manager & portfolio manager

Any organisation that operates in a regulated environment is constantly running multiple change projects. And when your organisation grows or takes over other businesses, these projects can quickly multiply. allows you to structure and monitor multiple projects including milestones, deliverables and associated tasks. Move your projects forward rapidly and avoid missed deadlines.

solutions performance

OKR Management

Ideal for company director, operation manager, performance manager, CEO & COO

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a popular framework for defining and tracking objectives and their outcomes within organisations. The purpose of OKRs are to connect company, team, and personal goals to measurable results while having all team members and leaders work together in one, unified direction. helps you manage your goals and deliver the results that matter for accelerating growth.


Data Room

Ideal for asset manager, investment manager, & portfolio manager

As Private Equity or Real Estate fund manager you know that the assets you purchase will be sold within the life of the fund. Yet, when the time of the sale comes a lot of time and effort is spent on setting up manually filled data rooms.


With, all information and documentation is already structured in a way that allows you to grant access to the asset and it’s related information in a few clicks. An instant dataroom that allows you to focus your attention only on getting the best deal.

solutions onboarding

Client Onboarding and AML

Ideal for relationship manager, sales manager, compliance officer, risk manager

Relationships are often already made or broken at the time of onboarding. How do you collect the enormous amount of information and documentation on a new client while still ensuring client satisfaction.


With the onboarding is completely automated. Only request information from your client once, and ensure that the KYC / AML and other onboarding controls are performed swiftly and correctly.

Screenshot 2019-11-01 at 15.39.10.png

Entity Management

Ideal for corporate secretary, relationship manager, compliance, tax manager & CFO

Internationally active firms or investment funds can end up with hundreds of legal entities across multiple countries. The administration of tax declarations, financial matters and meetings quickly becomes overwhelming.


With process automations and dashboards you gain instant control over all the entities in your structures, including filing deadlines, board meetings, beneficial ownership matters and other matters.

solutions meetings

Board Management

Ideal for fund director, company director & corporate secretary

Fund and company boards are under increasing scrutiny of regulators and tax authorities. This requires boards to be more transparent in how they organise themselves and how they take decisions.


The meeting management is a simple but powerful tool to organise board, create board packs, run meetings, record minutes and resolutions and much more. Anywhere, any time and on any device.

solutions capital call

Investor commitment and capital call management

Ideal for fund manager, transfer agent, depositary oversight officer & General Partner

Monitoring your limited partners is both an operational headache and risk. How do you maintain a view of commitments and have efficient mechanics on doing capital calls? gives you a complete view of your investor base, their drawn and undrawn commitments and agreed conditions. Capital calls can be automated through workflow processes, saving time and reducing errors.


More to come

Stay tuned is constantly expanding its suite of solutions. Stay tuned for more announcements soon. 

Solutons Board Management
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