Run efficient audits

  • Internal audit represents the third and final line of defence in any solid corporate governance framework, often followed by another layer of external audit.

  • While a good audit function protects the organisation from harm, it is often considered a major operational hassle. But with the right tools you can guarantee a solid corporate governance framework.

  • By connecting and aggregating all data and documentation, and automating audit processes, we can produce detailed audit confirmations in minutes instead of days.

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Are you facing these challenges?

  • Audit confirmation requests taking enormous amounts of valuable business time

  • Audits resulting in unexpected shortcomings due to lack of oversight

  • Difficult to plan ahead to complete audits on time

This is how we can help you


  • Connect all client data and documents, including transaction documents, controls and checklists

  • Securely connect external auditors to client structures through a white-labelled to facilitate audit document sharing


  • Trigger automated audit confirmation processes as soon as a request comes in

  • Automatically aggregate data


  • Review audit review plans on simple dashboards and visualisations

  • Monitor audit response deadlines

  • Plan resources to ensure timely completion of audits


  • Review and validate audit confirmation packs

  • Run audit committee meetings and produce meeting packs

  • Record internal audit committee decisions

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