Run a fund depositary

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  • The safekeeping and oversight functions of the depositary are designed to protect investors and monitor assets.

  • To efficiently perform its monitoring duties, the depositary must have a complete view of the fund, its assets, the controls performed and the supporting documentation.

  • Benefit from a complete aggregated view of all data and documentation of the fund, allowing you to efficiently perform your oversight duties and produce required reporting.


Are you facing these challenges?

  • Constantly chasing for transaction documents 5 minutes before transaction deadlines

  • Unable to close the missing document gap

  • Difficult to oversee asset holdings of the fund on a look-through basis

  • Struggling to produce the audit confirmation reports

This is how we can help you


  • Connect and aggregate all data of the fund, SPVs, assets, accounts, transactions, valuations, service providers, investors, etc

  • Efficiently connect documents to any data point

  • Review dynamically generated structure charts showing the ownership chain and location of the assets through multiple layers of holdings


  • Automate all your internal processes, including fund onboarding, audit confirmations, transaction execution, KYC controls, account opening and more

  • Automatically trigger workflows to deal with ad-hoc controls

  • Automatically produce audit confirmation reports, including all underlying documentary evidence in minutes


  • Build custom dashboards giving a full view of clients and controls

  • Quickly filter dashboards by client, fund, team, function and more

  • Export depositary statements by simply selecting the fund and the reporting date


  • Run onboarding committee meetings and produce onboarding packs

  • Run compliance, risk and other committee meetings and record decisions taken

  • Automatically produce meeting minutes

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