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RTG Business Continuity Manager (BCM) 

Working from home might be the “new normal” for an unknown period of time. Companies around the world were not prepared for such a scenario and are struggling to run their business remotely.


The good news is that it’s not too late to take control.


With RTG BCM, helps you to ensure that business operations continue seamlessly while risks remain under control

The RTG Business Continuity Manager is a pre-populated, cloud-based solution that allows you to organise and oversee your remote operations. RTG stands for ready-to-go and means you will be up and running within 48 hours. 

The RTG BC Manager makes sure you don’t lose sight of your business targets for 2020. It can be implemented today on a secure cloud, so you can start supporting your teams tomorrow. 


Manage Resources

  • Monitor who is working, when and from where?

  • View how staff is feeling and if there are any organisational issues?

  • Allocate responsibilities and monitor resources on a day-to-day basis.


Manage Documentation

  • Ensure efficient collaboration for establishing, reviewing or approving of your business documents.

  • Monitor missing documentation as well as overdue status.

  • Create processes and workflows allowing easy execution and monitoring of all documentation.


Make Decisions

  • Ensure that all key decisions are properly taken, recorded and archived. (4 eyes principle)

  • Share decisions with your remote working organisation.

  • Work on underlying documents and attach final versions to the digital decision process.


Handle Incidents

  • Keep track of all incidents reported by staff and delegate them to responsible committees.

  • Assess impact and define mitigation steps.

  • Monitor resolution progress.


Oversee Activities

  • Define and allocate teams to your key activities i.e cash reconciliation or risk reporting.

  • Monitor ongoing activities and identify and mitigate blocking points.

  • Monitor deadlines and evaluate impact of delays.


Simplify Meetings

  • Replicate all your key committees and build up a business continuity governance.

  • Manage and share all your agendas and working documents.

  • Keep record of discussions, decisions and actions to be taken.


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