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With client BNP: Turning Investor KYC into opportunities

Great exchange with our client & FinTech partner BNP Paribas this week regarding the challenges of increasingly complex #Regulation; #InvestorOnboard stakeholders involved and how to turn your challenge into an opportunity. At the ALFI Global Distribution Conference 2022... Conclusions?:

🚀 Offer your clients a seamless, automated onboarding process;

🚀 Lead digitalisation with long-term vision coupled with short-term, bite-sized actions;

🚀 Digitalise one process at a time (= no scale is too large);

💪 Co-configure with your employees & tech partners;

💪 Accept small failures as part of your overall success;

💪 Develop and respect your robust compliance framework.

= Enjoy the benefits of time, cost and “people” efficiency gains.

Photo, left to right: Sandrine Periot, Partner, Arendt Regulatory & Consulting S.A., Lucien Lorang, Head of Business Implementation, KYC & Client Accounts at BNP Paribas Securities Services, Luxembourg and our CEO Bert Boerman.

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