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Technology and People, key ingredients for the success of your digital meetings

Companies are constantly adapting the way they organize their corporate meetings. Technology advances, increasing regulations, and evolving corporate roles, as well as current affairs like Covid-19, have a profound impact on how companies organize their most important governance events- their meetings.

Running digital meetings is part of a digital transformation journey, which should be smooth and pragmatic. And for that, there are two main ingredients that companies should prioritize when choosing the best solution for them: technology and people. There is no good technology without the right people behind it, guiding you through the process and with a deep understanding of your business. Technology per se can be cumbersome if it is not adapted to your business needs.

In this particular case, technology is a means to control the whole process of planning, running, and following up your meetings simply and securely and gaining efficiency and effectiveness. The whole point is to guarantee your best outcome while saving lots of time, having everything in one place, without the potential risks of having multiple platforms involved, and clear benefits for each user adapted to the