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Technology and People, key ingredients for the success of your digital meetings

Companies are constantly adapting the way they organize their corporate meetings. Technology advances, increasing regulations, and evolving corporate roles, as well as current affairs like Covid-19, have a profound impact on how companies organize their most important governance events- their meetings.

Running digital meetings is part of a digital transformation journey, which should be smooth and pragmatic. And for that, there are two main ingredients that companies should prioritize when choosing the best solution for them: technology and people. There is no good technology without the right people behind it, guiding you through the process and with a deep understanding of your business. Technology per se can be cumbersome if it is not adapted to your business needs.

In this particular case, technology is a means to control the whole process of planning, running, and following up your meetings simply and securely and gaining efficiency and effectiveness. The whole point is to guarantee your best outcome while saving lots of time, having everything in one place, without the potential risks of having multiple platforms involved, and clear benefits for each user adapted to the meeting type.

Technology + People equals success

Going deeper into Meetings, we see that companies are already using many technology solutions to provide them with a tool to facilitate these meetings. But, how many times have you been excited about an app and then realizing after working with it that certain functionalities still are a little bit more cumbersome than you expected, or certain functionalities aren’t there yet or have to be developed at an extra cost? How disappointed have you already been? Technology should have all the functionalities adapted to the client's needs.

And here it is where the people ingredient adds up to the technology solution, the importance of the specialist figure, somebody who stands next to you, who guides you and helps you define the process and improve it by asking critical questions. “Why are you doing things like this? Have you thought of doing it like that?” This is what we have in This is, next to technology, our main differentiator. We have the technology, with all the functionalities ready, but at the same time, we have the people that understand your business. We provide the technical perspective and provide that from the role of the company secretary, corporate secretary, general counsel, PA, and EA, among others.

We guide you through the technology to guarantee quick results

Independent of the meeting you want to organize (board, committee, project meeting), we always cover all the steps to help you take control of your meetings.

  1. Connect all documents and information, controlling who has access to what.

  2. Automatically launch meeting preparation, notify stakeholders of upcoming meetings, and collect all meeting minutes and action points.

  3. Monitor meeting progress and follow up by visualizing meeting outcomes.

  4. Make decisions. Collect votes and resolutions; record actions, decisions, and issues; agree on minutes.

To make it work and guarantee quick results, you need flexible technology in the first place. On the other hand, you need personal guidance from a person who understands your business and processes, who has a deep understanding firstly of how the constantly changing environment affects the role of the company secretaries and general counsels, for instance; and secondly a person that helps you react quickly to current affairs like COVID-19 and its impact on your meetings.

At, we know how and where you can get results and the technology you need to guarantee your success. You won’t have access only to a Meetings portal. You will have access to the one platform where you will find everything you need for your meetings and where you will have access to all the documents you need to have a complete overview of all the processes running in your organization.

How does that sound? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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