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Schedule your own “end-of-year Hackathon” to speed up your process transformation

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

This year Covid-19 clearly highlighted the importance of boosting digital transformation and where you might have found it difficult to engage with your teams due to social distancing and homeworking, has a great end-of-year offer.

Set yourself up for success and end 2020 speeding up the transformation of your processes. Create the perfect environment for team building whilst your teams work together on transforming your processes digitally.

How? Organize a Process Transformation Hackathon with your teams and our specialists, and let them solve internal challenges to transform your processes digitally. At the same time, implement a digital mindset in your company while deepening the team spirit within your corporation.

You can select from various formats to organize your tailored Hackathon before the end of the year. At this moment, we still have 5 slots available!

Our experts will work closely with your teams so you experience the benefits of fast innovation and idea testing methods. Get your team to the heart of your digital transformation journey and let our experts guide them towards the best approach to overcome your challenges.

How do we organize it?

  1. Define your topic. What’s the specific business challenge you are trying to solve?

  2. Define a goal and a success metric. Set a specific goal and quantify it together with our support team.

  3. Select your format. We can go from one day up to four days of a fully virtual event, depending on your team's challenges and needs.

  4. Select the right teams. Involve your different teams and make them guide your transformation process. Encourage participation and make sure they understand the importance of such an event.

  5. Set expectations. Communicate to your team your goals and expectations. As business owners, they are the drivers of your process transformation. What they do will have a real impact on the company. Together you are driving a digital mindset.

  6. Select your date according to your team’s availability.

We give you access to our collaboration platform where your teams will find all the resources and information. Our flexible platform allows them to build their solution in real-time, working jointly with our experts.

You just only have to make sure your teams have the right supplies to get the most out of their participation!

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