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How to take full control of your Annual Audits and experience results in real-time

The annual audit is a legal requirement for regulated funds, which happens to be one of the most manual and cumbersome processes within the sector. But at the same time is a precious tool for the industry to provide clarity, legal certainty, and reliably account for investors’ funds, as stated in the Asset Management paper from Luxembourg for Finance.

Are you going through the process of your annual audit? Are you facing these challenges?

  • Orchestrating the multiple actors involved

  • Getting everybody up to speed

  • Monitoring deadlines

  • Documentation sharing in a secure tool

  • Manual processes

We have a proposal for you. Overcome your challenges with a ‘hackathon-style’ workshop and experience how you can dramatically change that manual process into a fully automated process within a day. Together with our experts, your team will have a tailored dashboard to take full control of your milestones by the end of the workshop. Save valuable time to focus on strategic issues by automating your processes.

How does it work? Following a four phases process, to make sure the team works towards feasible goals.

1. Discovery

  • Review of existing processes

  • Identification of the focus area

  • Insight from stakeholders

  • Translation into problem statement(s)

2. Ideation

  • Short workshop about an annual audit solution

  • Validation of ideas, expert review

  • Prioritization

  • Selection of ideas for the Concepting phase

3. Concepting

  • Conceptualize ideas

  • Check for functionality, feasibility, alignment to strategic goals

  • Quick estimation and agreement on execution effort required

4. Execution

  • Selected ideas implemented in a live system

  • Undertaken by

Contact us. Book now your tailored ‘hackathon-style’ workshop and take control of your annual audits.

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