Search challenge: 60 seconds with Andreas

Updated: Jul 24

We challenged our colleagues to explain what they do at and their vision on digital transformation in less than 60 seconds.

Welcome to 60 seconds with Andreas and learn what he does as a Solutions Senior Manager at

"My main responsibility is to digitalise governance and I am responsible of the solutions as such. To make it happen me and my team we are working very closely with the developers. I have spent more than 20 years in the financial services industry and I have been forced to work with applications that often have caused me more frustration than creating value. And this is why I joined and what inspires me every day is that, I am part of a process that creates solutions for firms by understanding their needs and the challenges they face in this ever-changing environment without creating additional burden. Believe it or not, but nowadays with the increasing regulations and this new reality, it’s high time that the financial services industry boosts their digital transformation, starting with their digital governance".

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