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Governance 10 has arrived to help the Asset Management Sector accelerate its Digital Transformation unveils Governance 10 with a massive focus on business process automation and efficiency

With the goal of transforming the asset management sector and making 2021 the year of Digital Transformation of the industry, unveils Governance 10, a new version, launched today, of an already widely proven solution, that will make it even easier to get started with Digital Transformation.

With Governance 10, clients will get results in days instead of months, making tedious regulatory processes more efficient every day.

“We all deserve a fresh start in 2021, and we have been working non-stop to make our client’s wishes come true. We analysed where our solutions bring the most profound benefits to our asset management clients and doubled down on that. Now more than ever, regulated businesses need solutions that help them improve business processes quickly. With Governance 10 we massively simplified data loading, business processes automation and reporting through bespoke dashboards. At the same time, we dramatically improved the usability making it easier than ever to collaborate and make smart decisions in ever increasingly complex regulatory environments,” says Rob Boerman, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of

Automation, efficiency and speed, key benefits of Governance 10

Focused on helping users take control of their business, the platform becomes their 24/7 assistant, guiding them through their tasks, showing progress and automating repetitive work.

A sleek new user interface makes it even easier to focus on what matters, while the new process automation tools make it faster than ever to automate complex processes. Users will be able to automate complex data processes, mass contract generation, complex signing flows and customise regulatory reporting.

With Governance 10, users will be able to share reports, tasks or meetings with external counter-parties in a simple and efficient way.

Watch the video now.

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