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ALFI and lead digital transformation

Press Release

Luxembourg, May 11th 2020

ALFI AGM to be held digitally

Benefitting from the Grand Ducal regulation of 20 March 2020 on how organisations can hold statutory meetings, ALFI is leading the way in digital transformation and organising its upcoming general meetings entirely in virtual form, with the help of’s meetings solution. As the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation in many organisations, the existing high governance standards must be upheld when operating online. ALFI maintains its principles and best practices in the current remote work set-up, including the virtual AGM, by handling invitations and meeting documents via a secure platform and ensuring that an audit trail of votes and decisions taken will be available. “The remote work situation has confirmed how digital innovation is key to business continuity. For ALFI in particular, the annual general meeting is part of our identity, and we are proud to host it remotely, connecting with our members in a secure way while complying with the Grand Ducal regulation”, said ALFI Director General Camille Thommes.