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60 Seconds with Marie

We challenged our colleague Marie to explain in less than 60 seconds what she does at Marie is the Head of the Client Success Team which acts as the voice of our clients.

Welcome to #60SecondsWith Marie:

“The client success team is the voice of our clients. My main responsibility is to understand deeply their needs, advocate and translate them into tailored made solutions. This way we can make sure they can succeed and perform at the highest level. So, our role starts when we first onboard new clients, as we work with them to implement the solution. Once the application is implemented successfully, we continuously support our clients to improve their processes and making sure they take full advantage of the system. Over the past four years we’ve definitely seen an increase in interest for process automation and reporting functionalities. Our clients are definitely looking for solutions that give them a clear overview of their business, while automating daily activities so that they can put all of their energy and resources into meeting their business targets.”

Stay tuned, as there is more to come.

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