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60 Seconds with Daniel

We challenge our colleagues to explain what they do at and explain their vision on digital transformation in less than 60 seconds.

Welcome to 60 seconds with Daniel and learn what he does as our Client Success Manager at

“My main role at is to accompany our clients during their digitalisation projects. To do this, I must understand what their goal is, and help them succeed in that mission. Concretely, this means guiding and supporting them throughout the entire project. Defining success factors, as well as coming up with a way to achieve their target, is only the starting point. Once this is done, I get into the nitty gritty and actually start to implement the system which entails, but is not limited to, designing, adapting and implementing data structures, automating processes, developing dashboards as well as providing training and support. Over the past three years that I have spent at I have become increasingly comfortable in my role and continually strive to deliver excellence to our clients. Contributing to change and being a part of making a positive impact on the way our clients work, makes this a very rewarding role, as such I am very grateful to be able to represent our company in this capacity.“

Stay tuned, as there is more to come.

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