Perform due diligence 

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  • The management of complex client and investment structures involves the reliance on other service providers, delegates and appointees to perform an important part of the service.

  • Without the right tools, the process of overseeing 3rd parties can be cumbersome and inefficient.

  • Our end-to-end framework allows you to efficiently perform your due diligence.

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Are you facing these challenges?

  • Initial and ongoing due diligence take a huge amount of time and effort

  • Losing time on preparation, sending and chasing of DDQs

  • Hard to risk rate DDQ responses and use the risk ratings for effective monitoring

  • Duplicate due diligence efforts on delegates already appointed in other structures

This is how we can help you


  • Connect counter party data & documents, avoiding duplication


  • Plan due diligence reviews and DDQs ahead of time

  • Build DDQ templates that can then be reused or adapted

  • Send out invitations automatically to complete DDQs on a white labeled portal


  • Monitor third party acceptance

  • Collect feedback and documentation

  • Perform risk reviews on the responses


  • Onboarding dashboard and reporting

  • Use risk ratings for planning of follow up reviews or reporting

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