Onboard a client

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  • The onboarding process is the first experience of your client with your organization.

  • Get an automated onboarding process and solidify your client relationship while respecting all regulatory rules.

  • Performing better than other institutions can quickly resonate in the market and lead to even more business.

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Are you facing these challenges?

  • Slow and complicated client onboarding

  • Unreliable KYC and AML processes

  • Difficulties in having a clear overview

  • Clients unhappy just after you won the deal

This is how we can help you


  • Connect client/prospect data from multiple systems

  • Connect to KYC/AML tools


  • Automate screening of clients, UBOs and other stakeholders


  • Monitor leads and plan ahead for onboarding

  • Monitor KYC compliance and client activity

  • Produce client charts and visualizations to help you monitor the client lifecycle


  • Organize client onboarding meetings & packs

  • Connect client-related data, documents, issues, actions and decisions

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