Monitor and mitigate issues

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  • Good risk management is not about avoiding risks completely, but minimizing them to an acceptable level and ensuring that you act when issues occur.

  • With hundreds or even thousands of controls to be performed, it becomes challenging to ensure good issue management and risk mitigation.

  • Benefit from our complete set of issue recording and mitigation tools and get a step further with your controls.

Focused Office Workers

Are you facing these challenges?

  • Lack of issue monitoring and mitigation

  • Identified problems not followed up on time

  • Difficult to report on issues on an aggregated level

This is how we can help you


  • Connect issues to the relevant underlying data

  • Load issues from operational risk management systems or other sources


  • Design and automatically trigger mitigation processes

  • Automate notifications of key risks or escalations


  • Display status and progression of risks and issues on simple dashboards

  • Create and filter custom dashboards per type of issue, such as compliance matters, risk management, etc


  • Record issues such as risks, complaints, exceptions, limit excesses, etc

  • Automatically add key issues to relevant committee meeting agendas for review

  • Record decisions on key matters and store relevant minutes

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