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The industry trend seems to have irreversibly moved away from physical meetings to digital meeting platforms connecting participants from anywhere around the world.

While this is an important simplification, it remains important to keep standards and safeguards in place. Digital solutions are key enablers to run your meetings efficiently and in compliance with rules and regulations.

Shareholder meetings

Host your best practice shareholder meetings digitally using meetings. The secure software ensures only authorised parties have access and can exercise their vote.

Prepare and share agendas, invitations and documents on a timely basis. Minutes and recorded and resolutions can be made online.

Implement today, run your meetings tomorrow.



  • Prepare draft agendas

  • Consult stakeholders

  • Organise meeting documents

  • Finalise the agenda and upload the documents to the Shareholder Portal



  • Invite participants to the portal

  • Open consultation of supporting documents

  • Organise a private working space for shareholders



  • Organise a presence list (authorised login)

  • Progress through the meeting in real-time

  • Receive questions

  • Collect online voting



  • Share safely documents/notes

  • Share online votes and resolution

  • Share final meeting minutes

  • Archive the meeting and attached documents

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