Meeting portal


The all-in-one Board and Committee Meeting Management Solution

  • Plan, run and follow up on digital board, executive and committee meetings.

  • Keep standards and safeguards in place. Run secure, simple, efficient and effective virtual meetings. 

  • Hosted in a private cloud, it ensures only authorised parties have access and can exercise their vote securely.

  • Implemented in 24 hours. Run your digital meetings anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Select your Meeting

Business Meeting

Provide your directors with a simple but powerful browser-based interface to prepare for the meeting, raise issues, record decisions, and sign off on minutes.

Board Meetings

In a Meeting

Collect meeting agenda items before the meeting and allocate time slots for discussions. Record action points so everyone knows what to do after the meeting concludes.

Committee Meetings

Business Meeting

Automatically invite shareholders to the AGM well in advance and give access to the relevant information. Collect votes on shareholders resolutions and monitor voting in real-time.

Shareholder meetings

Colleagues Working in Office

Are you facing these challenges?

  • Difficulties in planning meetings

  • Spending lots of time on preparation of agendas, invitations and data exchange

  • Printing lots of documents

  • Trouble writing minutes and following up

  • Not sure which document is the latest version

This is how we can help you

Convert your meetings into a powerful decision-making mechanism. 100% efficient and effective. Your decisions quickly translated into actions. How?


  • Centralize data & documents

  • Record structures & mandates

  • Connect all documents


  • Automatically launch meeting preparation

  • Notify stakeholders of upcoming meetings

  • Collect meeting documentation


  • Plan resources for upcoming meetings

  • Monitor meeting progress & follow up

  • Visualize meeting outcomes


  • Run meeting on white labelled portal & mobile devices

  • Collect votes & resolutions

  • Record actions, decisions and issues

  • Write and agree on minutes

Empower your leadership

Make an impact and join major financial institutions. Experience the benefits of the Meeting Portal.


"The remote work situation has confirmed how digital innovation is key to business continuity. For ALFI in particular, the annual general meeting is part of our identity, and we are proud to host it remotely, connecting with our members in a secure way while complying with the Grand Ducal regulation”, Camille Thommes, ALFI Director General.

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