Manage procedures

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  • Procedures are the backbone of any organisation’s corporate governance.

  • However, the reality for most organisations is that procedures are not consistently executed.

  • Ensure records are up to date, easy to follow and review, avoiding future liability.

  • Build a powerful procedures library and provide your staff with a robust but simple framework to follow.

Hard at Work

Are you facing these challenges?

  • Difficulties in keeping procedures up-to-date

  • Nobody reads your procedures

  • Procedures disconnected from controls and processes

  • Not sure how a regulatory change impacts your procedures

This is how we can help you


  • Set up a connected procedures library, including links to operational controls

  • Connect procedures to underlying legislation to identify impact of regulatory changes


  • Connect procedures to fully automated processes

  • Automate periodic or event-driven procedure reviews

  • Automate staff affirmations on procedure awareness


  • Store different versions of procedures

  • Monitor knowledge levels of staff on policies and procedures

  • Assign procedure ownership to teams and track periodic reviews


  • Formalise and record procedure approvals

  • Record key control decisions defined in procedures

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