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  • Launching a fund is a complex process, with many parties involved and many documents to be put in place.

  • Even before submitting a file to the regulator, you are expected to have everything organised and under control.

  • We help you automate and manage fund onboarding processes, saving you frustration and valuable time-to-market.

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Are you facing these challenges?

  • Working with manual checklists

  • Difficulties to collaborate on documents

  • Need to keep everybody informed about key decisions

  • No golden source for static fund data

  • Complicated to get documentation completed

This is how we can help you


  • Collect and share documents with the relevant stakeholders

  • Reduce email sending

  • Get an instant view on progress


  • Run automated processes that load the required information

  • Create all relevant checklists

  • Create document placeholders

  • Assign follow up tasks


  • Monitor the status of onboarding on customizable dashboards

  • Monitor any missing documents or outstanding checklists

  • Monitor the validation by all service providers to know when you can start your trading activities


  • Organize client onboarding meetings & packs

  • Connect all related data, documents, issues, actions and decisions

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