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  • Investment Fund Managers must demonstrate oversight over their operations and provide an audit trail of execution for their internal controls as well as records of their decision making processes.

  • Built on the specific regulatory requirements for European Fund Managers, it provides you with a full package of services to simplify regulatory oversight, automate your processes, monitor compliance and mitigate your risks. 

  • By automating your processes, you can save time to focus on your clients and investors needs. 

  • Transparent, simple, compliant and efficient. Increase your productivity by 20%.


Are you facing these challenges?

  • Trouble in managing existing and new regulations

  • Manual processes making you waste lots of time with exposure to sanctions and reputational damage

  • Not enough time to focus on your clients and investor's increasing needs

  • No business intelligence in place to focus on your goals

  • Difficulties in having a real-time view of your organisation, your clients' structures, assets, transactions, regulatory documentation and any other business information

  • Difficulties in executing and monitoring key controls

This is how we can help you


  • Connect data from your core systems and transform it into valuable information


  • Turn manual processes and procedures into digital workflows, enabling full or partial automation


  • Benefit from powerful drill/down dashboards to extract the business intelligence to efficiently and effectively perform daily duties and focus on what is important to your business


  • All key decisions are properly taken, recorded, shared and archived. This facilitates the delegation of authority and creates increased transparency to avoid sanctions and reputational damage

Fund Manager features

Control and oversee your business

  • Monitor real-time automated dashboards

  • Monitor issues and deadlines

  • Get complete oversight of operations through a connected control framework

  • Automate operational processes, workflows and checklists

Manage Document Lifecycle

  • Attach documents to any record in the system via drag and drop

  • Ensure proper versioning and track document expiry

  • Highlight missing or expiring documents through automated dashboards

  • Retrieve dashboards or reports via search

Organise Meetings

  • Prepare agendas and meeting packs

  • Share information before and after meetings with participants

  • Record decisions and follow-up actions

  • Run meetings on-premise or remotely

Manage Client Lifecycle

  • Automate on-boarding and due-diligence processes, including KYC and AML

  • Record client risk ratings and plan periodic reviews and risk mitigation

  • Request documents

  • Monitor the client life cycle through visualisations

Manage Delegate Lifecycle

  • Access the built-in survey template builder

  • Share DDQ’s for completion on the dedicated portal

  • Oversee third-parties and their risk ratings

  • Automate repetitive delegation oversight tasks

Work remotely

  • Integrate digital workflow for seamless remote collaboration

  • Ensure remote operations via secure access

  • Access via standard web-browser and adapt to any device screen

  • Customise your flexible data structures anywhere, anytime

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