Execute transactions

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  • Execute your clients transactions without delay exceeding their satisfaction.

  • Ensure an efficient exchange of information by benefiting from an automated process, avoiding missed deadlines and financial losses.

  • Guarantee controls are carried out on time, with smooth execution of transactions automating your processes.

Contemplating at Work

Are you facing these challenges?

  • Last-minute stress to execute transactions on time

  • Wasting time and getting frustrated because of manual document handling

  • Missing transaction documents that never get followed up

This is how we can help you


  • Load or create transaction data in the system

  • Connect all relevant stakeholders and data

  • Connect documents to transactions

  • Connect checklists and other controls automatically


  • Create automated workflows for different transaction types and asset classes

  • Automatically launch deal workflows that create checklists, perform controls, produce documents and involve people


  • Review deal flow and transaction status on simple dashboards

  • Aggregate and review document completeness at any level (client, entity, asset, transaction etc)


  • Validate and record pre-trade and post-trade controls

  • Record deal committee decisions where applicable

  • Validate transaction documents, and obtain electronic sign-off

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